FlexxBlock and LiteDeck Insulated Concrete Forms

Watertower Square Apartment Project  – Grinnell, IA.
Architect – Connect Architecture and Design in Des Moines, IA
General Contractor – Adam Papesh, Story Construction, Ames, general contractor, project manager.
Concrete Sub-contractor – New Castle Builders, Dan Bush – Winterset, IA.


This tunnel project runs under the dividing street between the newly constructed Watertower Square Apartments and the neighboring Mayflower Community Health Center. The tunnel will serve it’s residents with a quick and simple way to access the neighboring health facility. The walls of this 420 ft. tunnel were formed using 8 inch FlexxBlock Insulated Concrete Forms. LiteDeck Insulated Concrete Forms were used to form the 20 inch thick concrete roof. 166 total yards of concrete was poured monolithically into the insulating forms in less than 3 hours! This is a considerable labor and time saving advantage to using Insualting Concrete Forms.