Benefits of LiteForm ICF Products for Builders

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Your Bottom Line

LiteForm is dedicated to providing builders and developers a strong, versatile Insulating Concrete Form that can save time and add to the bottom line.

Offering Insulating Concrete Forms to your customer can be the deciding factor of awarded projects in both residential and commercial markets. Your construction team is providing the customer a complete building envelope that includes; insulation, furring and the unmatched strength of concrete.

Bigger Jobs in Less Time

Time is money, and why work harder when you can work smarter. Many large projects are met with extreme time constraints. These challenges are what we thrive on. We are experts in the concrete construction process. You have the opportunity to use us as a partner in your large construction projects. We understand your reluctance to learn new methods, the truth is we take the guess work out of the learning process and assist you from forming to pouring. Let our team provide you the necessary tools and knowledge to complete your project ahead of those tight schedules.

Product Brochures

Pre-assembled ICF “Folding Block” forms can be used for single story or multi-story residential or commercial projects.

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Lightweight Concrete Deck Form that is great for forming floors, roofs, and decks. Wide array of Versatility and Superior Sound Retention. These are characteristics only LiteDeck can offer.

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LiteForm Tilt
This brochure includes information on versatility and benefits of the LiteForm Tilt system

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LiteForm Installation Manual
Installation instructions for wall assemblies using FlexxBlock Insulated Concrete Forms.

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Liteform Products